Stop. Think. Eat.

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Stop. Think. Eat.

We are asking that you do 3 things:

1. Choose local producers.
2. Opt for sustainable sources.
3. Make a small change; it makes a difference.

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Stop. Think. Eat

Rush, rush, rush – hurry, hurry, hurry, that’s what we do nowadays.  Today’s world is moving even faster than ever, with no time to chat with colleagues, no time to share a coffee with friends, no chance to browse through the pages of a magazine without interruption.

We are on a constant merry-go-round of getting up, going to work or college, doing our daily job, coming back home again, doing the other ‘stuff’ then collapsing, exhausted on the sofa or in our favourite armchair, ready to heat up the frozen meal, grab a quick take-away or take solace in that glass of red wine on offer at the local supermarket, even though we don’t like the brand or even the taste of it for that matter.

But hey, it was cheap. It was quick. That’s ok isn’t it?

Stop. Think. Eat.

At Slow Food, we believe that there is more to life than madly rushing around from one thing to another, grabbing a quick snack in-between meetings or eating ready-meals to keep us going. Slow Food is a global grassroots movement which was started to help us reconnect  ourselves with where our food comes from and how it is produced – to fully understand how the choices we make about the food we put on our plates affect others further on down the food supply chain.

We are asking you to do a few simple things to make a small difference and show your support for Slow Food.

Stop. Think. Eat.

That’s it. Simple isn’t it?

Stop rushing about and instead of grabbing the nearest ready meal from the supermarket shelf, consider choosing locally sourced food instead.  This might be local produce displayed in the supermarket, or could be those freshly cut vegetables from the window box or garden, a local allotment, or your nearest independent shop or neighbourhood grocer. Maybe even soft, ripe summer fruits from your local ‘pick your own’ – they’re wonderfully tasty and good for you, too.

Think about how to s… l …o… w…  d… o… w… n… and think smart. A small change can make a big difference. Plan your meals in advance, so you only buy what you need for the meals you are going to make, which cuts down on our food wastage and saves you money at the same time. When you cook, you get to do the testing as you go along at your own pace, tasting the end results and enjoying the satisfaction of knowing you’ve created something special using your imagination and creativity – and made a difference.

Eat freshly prepared, freshly cooked food from sustainable sources. This doesn’t have to mean ‘only eating organic’ – more like trusting your local suppliers and asking them about the provenance for fresh fruit, fish, meat and veg, then preparing it as part of your wind down from the stresses and strains of a busy day or as part of your morning routine. Savour the flavour of freshly-cooked free range eggs, newly-popped peas, milk from a local dairy or hand-picked strawberries!

Stop. Think. Eat.

How to get involved
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