Slow Cooked Portland Lamb in Toasted Hay, Water Chestnut Pulp, Samphire and Crispy Kale

Slow Cooked Portland Lamb in Toasted Hay, Water Chestnut Pulp, Samphire and Crispy Kale

ChefPascal Aussignac

Ark of Taste Product – Portland Lamb

ProducerMeerhay Manor

Portland lamb braised in vegetable and burned hay stock for 6 hours until tender. Served with silky purée of toasted water-chestnut finished with beurre noisette for extra nutty flavour. Red and green kale to crisp everything up; a little bit of samphire sprinkled with smoked salt to bring up the hay flavour on your palette. All this served with a glossy jus of its own.” Pascal Aussignac


For the Lamb shoulder

– Preheat the oven to 120°C.

– Season your lamb with salt and pepper before searing all sides in a hot pan until crispy.Place in a large roasting pan.

– Burn the hay in deep pan. Add vegetable stock when burned (smoked).

– Boil the stock and then strain into the pan with shoulder.

– Place the Lamb in the oven and cook for 6/7 hours at 120°C until extra tender.


For the Purée

– Strain (but keep the liquid) and dry the water chestnuts. Toast them in the hot pan with beurre noisette until golden brown. Add the water chestnuts stock/liquid and bring to the boil. Cook for 15 minutes adding more stock if required.

– Once the chestnuts have soften, transfer the mix to a blender and blitz until smooth. Pass through a fine seive and season with salt.



– Set up a fryer to 140°C (or alternatively fill a heavy based pan half full with vegetable oil and put on a medium heat – be careful!).

– Pick the kale, removing any tough stalks, and wash and dry completely.

– Fry the kale in deep oil until crispy turning frequently for an even result. Remove and dry on kitchen roll. Season with salt.



– Cook the samphire in a hot pan with little bit of olive oil, water and smoked salt. Strain and serve straight away.



– Remove the cooked lamb from stock.

– Strain the stock into a clean pan and place on a medium high heat. Add the aromatics (rosemary, black peppercorns and garlic) and cook (reduce) until thick and sticky. Strain through a fine sieve and season with salt if needed.




One large Lamb shoulder

Big handful of Hay

3 Litres Vegetable stock (to cover)

Red kale 150g

Green kale 150g

Samphire 100g

Smoked salt 2g



1 bulb of Garlic

Rosemary half a bunch

Tinned Water chestnut 500g (keep 300ml of chestnut stock)

Beurre noisette 150g


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