Tess Evans and Steve Gould – Steeptonbill Farm – Portland Sheep

Tess Evans and Steve Gould – Steeptonbill Farm – Portland Sheep
Tess Evans and Steve Gould – Steeptonbill Farm – Portland Sheep

Slow Food UK is incredibly proud to have Ark of Taste producers like Tess Evans and Steve Gould from Steeptonbill Farm on board. Please read more about Tess and Steve and their forgotten food Portland Sheep below.

Tess and Steve are Slow Meat producers.

How Tess and Steve got into producing Portland Sheep and why they chose this particular product
Located on the land overlooking the beautiful village of Milton Abbas; Steeptonbill Farm is nestled deep in the Dorset countryside, a perfect location for a 140 strong flock of Portland Sheep. In 2009 Tess Evans and Steve Gould moved their flock of Portland Sheep from  the Fleet, near Portland, to Steeptonbill Farm with the aim of building a mixed livestock farm, with an emphasis on healthy, happy animals, reared naturally on the rolling hills of North Dorset. The sheep are allowed to graze freely on the grass surrounding the farm, rich with herbage of all kinds. Portland sheep are slow to mature, and so through careful observation and letting the sheep graze to their hearts content, Tess and Steve are able to guarantee the mutton and hogget produced has a flavour that is second to none.

Products that Tess and Steve are offering 
As well as Portland Sheep, Steeptonbill Farm is home to a variety of animals from chickens and guinea fowl to pigs and goats. Visit the website for more information, or even pop by the farm shop, open five days a week.

Tess and Steve’s favourite Portland Sheep recipe
Coming soon

Contact details:
Address: Steeptonbill Farm, DT11 0AT
Phone: 07824 702 398 /07891 079 615
Email: steve@steeptonbill.plus.com / tess-steeptonbill@live.co.uk
Web: http://www.justgoodstuff.net/


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