Mike Davies – Woodbridge Farm – Artisan Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

Mike Davies – Woodbridge Farm – Artisan Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese
Mike Davies – Woodbridge Farm – Artisan Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

Slow Food UK is incredibly proud to have Ark of Taste producers like Mike Davies from Woodbridge Farm on board. Please read more about Mike and his forgotten food Artisan Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese below.

Mike is a Slow Cheese and Raw Milk producer.

How Mike got into producing Dorset Blue Vinny and why he chose this particular product
Located in the heart of the Dorset countryside, the Davies family have been residing at Woodbridge Farm for over 40 years. In 1980 Mike Davies made the bold move to resurrect the 300 year old recipe for Blue Vinny, at first taking over farm kitchen and his wife’s larder in order to perfect the recipe. Over 30 years later and Woodbridge Farm is still producing authentic Dorset Blue Vinny to a traditional recipe, using the highest quality unpasteurized  milk, although they have now moved out the kitchen.

Products that Mike is offering 

Mike’s Dorset Blue Vinny is available to buy in various sizes from whole 3kg wheels to the mini Blue Vinny cheeses, all available online. Alongside this the Dorest Blue Soup Co., produces a range of wonderful soups made using  seasonal vegetables – many made using Blue Vinny from the dairy!

Mike’s favourite Dorset Blue Vinny recipe

A favourite at the farm is the luxurious Dorset Blue Vinny Frittata, made using fresh herbs and, of course,  plenty of Blue Vinny cheese.

Contact details
Address: Woodbridge Farm, Stock Gaylard, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 2BD
E-Mail:  info@dorsetblue.co.uk
Phone: 01963 23133
Website: http://dorsetblue.moonfruit.com/


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