Foundation for Biodiversity

Foundation for Biodiversity
Foundation for Biodiversity
Foundation for Biodiversity
Foundation for Biodiversity
Foundation for Biodiversity
Foundation for Biodiversity

The Foundation for Biodiversity

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity focusses on promoting food biodiversity and traditions across the world. Founded in 2003, the Foundation works in over 50 countries and involves over 10,000 small-scale food producers, promoting environmentally and culturally sustainable agriculture or to put it simply: Good, Clean & Fair food.

The Ark of Taste

The Foundation runs and oversees the Ark of Taste on an international scale, which currently lists 2000 products from all corners of the Earth, with many more to come. The Ark covers many product categories including many wonderful products which are in danger of being lost and forgotten.

Criteria of Inclusion

Products included in the Ark must be aligned the Slow Food ethos of Good, Clean and Fair food. For more information on the criteria of inclusion visit the Foundation for Biodiversity page.

In addition to the International Ark Commission, each country listed in the global Ark of Taste has their own National Ark Commission that reviews forgotten food nominations, consisting of exemplary individuals in the food world, who strongly embody the Slow Food ethos. Slow Food UK is very happy to collaborate with the following “Taste Ambassadors” (National Ark Commission): Richard CorriganMatthew FortCharles Campion and Randolph Hodgson


After being added to the Ark of Taste, Slow Food also tries to support the producers behind the Ark product by helping them to develop local projects called Presidia. By assisting in the development of their production and marketing, finding new economic outlets and helping to promote their products, Slow Food is able to support producers and prevent their products from being forgotten.


In the UK there are the following two Presidias:

Presidia 1 – Three Counties Perry (3 producer) 

1) Oliver’s Cider & Perry – Tom Oliver – Herefordshire

2) Butford Organics – Janet and Martin Harris – Herefordshire

3) Barbourne Cider & Perry – Andy – Worcestershire

Perry Presidium Coordinator: Tom Oliver

Read more: Perry Presidium & Foundation for Biodiversity


Presidia 2 – Artisan Somerset Cheddar (3 producers)

1) Montgomery’s Cheddar – James Montgomery – Somerset

2) Westcombe Dairy – Richard Calver – Sommerset

3) Keen’s Cheddar – Stephen and George Keen – Sommerset

Presidium Coordinator: Randolph Hodgson (Neals Yard Dairy)

Read more: Foundation for Biodiversity


For more information on other projects and campaigns linked to the Ark of Taste and run by the Foundation for Biodiversity please visit the website.

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Slow Food is currently helping to preserve 2015 products.

80 are part of the UK Ark of Taste programme.




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