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Change one thing – 1

Change one thing – 1

Take our daily #SlowFood challenge to #changeonething and make a big difference. Reaching for breakfast Orange Juice? Most OJ in the UK comes from Brazil, and the carbon emitted producing and then transporting the juice to the U.K. per litre is heavier than one litre of juice! Switch to Apple juice, almost always UK grown and a fraction of the carbon. 🐌🍎#eatlocal#newyearsresolution

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  1. Valia Christidou

    Apple instead of orange juice. Done !

    Jan 01, 2021 @ 11:12 pm

  2. Emily

    Change one thing

    I found that Duskin Bramley apple juice is really nice if you find that most shop apple juice is too sweet for you. It’s nice if you add water to it. Or double cream!

    I try to follow the Seasonal Food Hygiene rules, so I’m eating derivatives of apple and apple flavoured things instead of the actual fruit. I’m trying to avoid fruit spores altogether from Oct-Mar because of the disease (mould, bacteria, viruses) they spread in plant crops, animal crops and the ecosystems. I found that fruit flavoured apple gum sweets are useful (Swizzlers) and En apple cider gums with vitamin C from Amazon. It isn’t too high an amount of vit C (20g) so you won’t damage your blood vessels and you can pour hot water on the gums and cut the gums up into smaller portions to make them milder if you have problems with Vitamin C and citric acid (it gives me dreadful psoriasis, rosacea and inflammations!)

    How strict do you advise people to be with Food Seasonal Hygiene. In other countries they are very, very strict with this!


    Feb 16, 2021 @ 1:56 pm



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