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Chef of the Month – Kenneth Culhane

Chef of the Month - Kenneth Culhane I’ve long been aware of the Slow Food Movement and admired what it represents, from my very first experience training as a chef.  My childhood, on a remote farm in Southern Ireland, was pivotal in instilling in me an understanding of good husbandry and of the top quality produce that only comes from a true understanding of the particular qualities of the land, the soil, the aspect of any area or farm - a very natural harmony for me ever since.

1) How did you come across Slow Food UK?
When I met the team at The Dysart Petersham, and discovered that we shared a mutual respect for these principles, I was so pleased to have the chance as Head Chef to put my commitment into practice.  Even before I was approached to join the Chef Alliance, we […]


New Year’s resolution: join Slow Food UK

New Year’s resolution: join Slow Food UK This year it’s time to do things a little differently: take up some sustainable resolutions you’re likely to keep for life.

Now that the frantic period of making and breaking New Year’s resolutions is over, we can start taking a more honest look at the year ahead. This year, as every year, you probably made yourself a promise. It might be to exercise more, to find more time to see your friends or to visit your […]


Pacta sunt servanda – Agreements must be kept –

Pacta sunt servanda - Agreements must be kept - Caveat about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) from the UK‘s perspective.

What are the consequences for our food?
This agreement sounds like a step forwards to boost economic growth and put an end to the economic crisis, but it’s actually a huge and irreversible leap backwards. In the name of sacrosanct free-market economics and unbridled competition, the TTIP aims to tackle regulations allegedly hindering commercial exchange opportunities. […]


Take the Eating Better Challenge this year

Take the Eating Better Challenge this year

Slow Food UK is part of Eating Better, a broad alliance working together to help people move towards eating less meat and more food that’s better for us and the planet, as part of the vital task of creating sustainable food and farming systems. Eating Better is now encouraging everyone to try the Eating Better Challenge throughout […]


Steve Drake – Chef of the Month

Steve Drake - Chef of the Month "I heard about the Chefs Alliance through some friends in the industry, and quickly realised that it was something I wanted to be part of."

1. Where do you find your inspiration to create and cook as you do?
I try to find inspiration in most things I do on a daily basis. There are so many challenges each day and it can start to wear you down, but by staying creative it is the one thing that, for me, keeps […]


Less is more

Less is more Maybe we should stop asking why real food is expensive and start asking why processed food is so cheap. What are the consequences for ever cheaper meat?

What is the real cost of cheap meat?
Enter the first supermarket you see. Check the fresh food aisle. Glance at the first meat package you see. 1 pound for 4 chunks of chicken. Great deal! How can 1 pound ensure that the producers receive a fair price, animals are reared well and respected, and the quality of […]


Season’s Eatings from Slow Food UK

Season's Eatings from Slow Food UK Bored of brussels sprouts? Can't stand cranberry sauce? Tired of turkey?

This year why not try our Slow Food UK alternative Christmas Dinner – a selection of fantastic recipes provided by members of our Chef Alliance programme, utilising some of our great UK Ark of Taste products.
Celebrate the best of British edible biodiversity by supporting our small-scale, artisan producers through cooking and enjoying their wonderful produce.
Click the links below to […]


Ark of Taste Product of the Month – December – Westmorland Pepper Cake

Ark of Taste Product of the Month - December - Westmorland Pepper Cake A peppery delight to perk up those chilly winter nights

Stir-up Sunday has been and gone; your pudding is steamed and its flavours left to intensify, the mincemeat is jarred and your cake sits golden and merry (very merry by Christmas Day after being fed with booze for a month!).
But wait! What if you missed stir-up Sunday, there’s only a fortnight until the big day, is Christmas […]


It always seems impossible until it’s done: 10,000 Gardens in Africa

It always seems impossible until it's done: 10,000 Gardens in Africa Carlo Petrini was in London for the 10,000 Gardens in Africa fundraising event hosted by Borough Market to remind us that "It always seems impossible until it's done".

Since 2010 Slow Food has been creating a network of gardens to save Africa’s extraordinary biodiversity. Our dream: creating 10,000 gardens in African schools and villages with the aim of guaranteeing Good, Clean and Fair food for communities and making them aware of the value of their lands. We also aim to raise both citizens’ and politicians’ awareness of important […]


Label it or leave it!

Label it or leave it!

A few weeks ago, with the aim of supporting the GM-free campaign, we sent an email to 3 of the biggest British supermarkets to address our concerns both about GM-fed meat sold in their stores and the lack of labelling. All of them were pretty responsive as, the following day, we were reading their […]