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An Edible Adventure

An Edible Adventure
An Edible Adventure
An Edible Adventure
An Edible Adventure
An Edible Adventure

On Friday 5th July, Slow Food UK joined the Booker Hill School for a day of food and fun with the Slow Food Kids Taste Adventure as part of the Healthy Eating Project. The beautiful sunshine lent itself to a positive day where 31 kids experienced each of the five interactive Sense Zones. A team of volunteers ran the ‘Let’s Get Active’ activities, situated on the school fields. We were grateful to have such terrific support from the teachers and the volunteers who were at each Sense Zone.

Faces beamed as the students went around the stations in groups of three at a time with many mixed reactions to some of the fruits and vegetables on display. Interestingly, their knowledge on some of the ingredients varied with some saying they eat porridge oats all the time and others having never tried it. For some it was also the first time they had ever seen cinnamon sticks but for one little girl it was an easy guess in the Touchy Zone! The Smelly zone had an array of smelly smells from garlic, mint, lemon and banana. With each station completed the student received a stamp on their Taste Adventure passport proving they had made their way through the five Zones, followed by a Slow Food sticker and a chance to complete the fun foodie word search.

We were also joined by Chef Rob, the Jester of the afternoon, who led the foodie discussion amongst the kids using the alphabet to name different fruits and vegetables: ‘Who can name a fruit beginning with ‘A’?’ to which the entire room exclaimed ‘Apple!’ however, Rob responded with ‘Orange? That doesn’t begin with ‘A’!’ followed by laughter from the kids. He cooked up an interactive lunch, encouraging the pupils to come up to see their food served and a hands-on approach to dessert where they were able to pipe on the cream on their individual summer-fruit tartlets. Afterwards, he led a healthy eating talk in the garden explaining the astonishing amount of sugar in a single can of coke.

Each pupil received a special Healthy Eating Pack which included word searches, puzzles and pedometers, which they quickly learned could increase their step count by jumping up and down on the spot.

The school has been participating in healthy eating initiatives such as growing their own food in their stunning allotment on site, encouraging all of the students to understand where their fruit and vegetables come from and how it is grown as well as participating in the harvesting and cooking of the selection of broad beans, rhubarb, chard and much more.

Slow Food UK would like to thank Booker Hill School and all of the volunteers for such a successful day!



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