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Taste Workshop – A Baker’s World Tour. Fri 13 Sept 4pm

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Friday, 13 September, 2019, 16:00
Ludlow Food Festival

Local baker and author Holly Farrell’s Little Biscuit Company is an artisan bakery that uses the finest local and natural ingredients to hand-make biscuits inspired by recipes from her world-wide travels.

You will taste some of the biscuits and cookies discovered on Holly’s grand tour and hear the stories behind them. Sample the clean fresh flavour of the lemon sabl√©, the orange blossom water ghoriba from Morocco and the snickerdoodle – a squidgy chocolate cookie from America. Discover how Holly has taken a gingerbread family favourite from Switzerland and given it her own twist – and a new local name – and how she adds seasonal fruity flavours from her own jams to an Italian classic, the amaretti biscuit. Accompanied by a cup of mint tea, a glass of local dessert wine and a cup of Italian hot chocolate.


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