Matthias Llorente

Matthias Llorente

Matthias, alongside his wife, Roisin are the couple and chefs behind the stove, where they guarantee you to be as true as possible to their ethos: fresh-seasonal-local-sustainable-homemade.
Having met in 2000 whilst working in Edinburgh, they chose to return to Edinburgh for their first joint venture in 2009. This was not before they found themselves working their way around the world to hone their skills and extend their experience.

Roisin has worked for Derry Clarke in Dublin, Emmanuel Stroobant in Singapore, Michael Deane & Niall Mc Kenna in Belfast, Gordon Ramsay New York.
Matthias has worked for Philippe Chevrier in Geneva, Jean Michel Poulot in Dublin, Emmanuel Stroobant in Singapore, Gordon Ramsay in New York.

Roisin is Irish with Scottish parents; Matthias is French with Spanish heritage. This mixture of heritages is the origins of the restaurant’s name:  bia being Irish Gaelic for food, bistrot, the French way of spelling bistro. It sums up what they want to provide their customers: bistro atmosphere and good food.


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