Mark Matless

Mark Matless


Mark’s company “Bite the Bullitt” is a Slow Food Supporter, verbally & physically promoting the provenance of their products at all their events, seeing it as an important part of their core business that is well received by clients & customers. Mark is taking part in an ongoing effort with Slow Food Anglia to promote Slow Food in the area including local producers, festivals, demos & feasts in central Norwich, with the support of the Local Council Initiative (One Planet Norwich sustainable living festival) as well as events at the University Of East Anglia educating the students.

Mark is a street food caterer using primal & traditional cookery methods with charcoal & wood as his main medium. His cooking is natural, social & theatrical, engaging the audience on a sensory level with sound, vision, smells & layers of punchy flavours. He trusts in the tradition of worldwide local & peasant cookery, recipes & techniques, serving his own style of “Blighty BBQ” using locally sourced, natural, fresh & seasonal ingredients.

He says “I have this vivid memory of how different certain foods used to taste & smell as a child, this drives my fervour now more than ever before to rediscover and understand the timeline of foods and their production in the past century of dramatic change in food production and farming. Being part of the Slow Food movement is an important and exciting part of this journey with other like-minded souls”.
From his early years scrumping and cooking fruit over open fires in the flat rural landscape of Norfolk and holidaying on the west coast of France, Mark spent this time enriching his love for worldwide traditional foods that still inspires his cooking today.
His love of travel and nomadic career as a travelling chef has certainly impacted on his food, which he describes as ‘Worldwide Cuisine Terroir’, the spectrum of his work and experience. This he has acquired from some of this country’s best kitchens, be it cooking over charcoal and wood in a field or on a rooftop,  and this has given him a raw yet contemporary and inquisitive style of cooking immersed in the roots of the world’s local peasant cookery and tradition.


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