Craig Byiers

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My professional cooking career has spanned nearly 25 years, 3 countries, (from my home city of Aberdeen, to London & Queensland, Australia and back again) and countless concepts, from branded to 2 rosettes, brasseries to hotels & contract catering, whereas my personal food journey has encompassed countless countries, cultures, concepts and connections. I have supported Slow Food Aberdeen City & Shire for the past couple of years and worked alongside Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE) as part of their Sustainable Food Cities agenda, with an objective to promote a sustainable and diverse food economy in Aberdeen. I am chair of group named ‘Grampian Food Heritage’, a group of chefs & patrons of independent restaurants & food businesses, which aims to improve collaboration and strengthening the local economy.

My experience in Terra Madre Nordic in Copenhagen was very positive. Great to see the success of Iceland’s Alliance Programme, and their ethos of Sustainable & Slow Food + Zero Waste and how well it mirrors our vision for ‘Sneap’, which shares similar values.

Sneap was set up as a food & drink consultancy business with another Chef Alliance member John Kelman, with whom I have worked closely with on numerous projects over the past 12 or so years.

Supporting local, is a fundamental value to my personal and professional persona with ‘Sneap’ food and our ‘Rutabaga’ drinks division. My allegiances are most definitely aimed towards an ongoing education of local cultural techniques and traditions on my personal food journey. It is always in my mind to find out about people and their heritage, and I sincerely believe there is no better way to develop imaginings of a particular culture than by living how they live and eating what they eat. Testament to this is my MA in Anthropology where my final research project centred around ‘Food Taboos’ in the light of the Horsemeat Scandal.

I also have an MSc in ‘International Tourism & Hospitality Management, where my thesis studied Consumer Behaviour, in a brand versus product debate.




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