Colin Clydesdale

Colin Clydesdale

Colin’s food ethos is virtually unchanged in 40 years. He’s always used fresh, local, wild and seasonal produce. Not by design really, more naivety and not knowing any better.

Born into a restaurant family, one of Colin’s first memories is being savaged by a dead wild salmon that was lying by the kitchen sink. (Don’t allow toddlers to stick their fat fingers into dead fishes mouths, they can still bite as Colin discovered when trying to get his finger back!)

Colin’s father had a completely open mind when it came to food and a huge hunger for knowledge. As kids throughout the 70’s, when his father was growing the ‘Ubiquitous Chip’, Colin and his brother were exposed to a vast and varied array of dining experiences from Michelin to McDonalds, all were tried, tasted and analysed.

Colin left school at 16 having always promised himself that he would never go into catering. That Autumn he started washing dishes and 30 years later Colin still hasn’t got a ‘real job’. For eight years he worked and travelled in equal measure, glorious years of eating and drinking.

In 1994 Carol and Colin opened ‘Stravaigin’ using the influences gleaned on their travels, coupled with local Scottish produce. Stravaigin, meaning to meander in Scots, has always offered restaurant food in a very casual environment with the ethos think global, eat local. ‘Stravaig into’ opened a few years later offering a slightly more bistro approach to a similarly international cuisine. ‘The Liquid Ship’ was next being half pub, half deli. Last year they realised a long term goal, opening ‘the Hanoi Bike Shop’, a Vietnamese canteen. Asian food has always been a passion of theirs and for years they have been fantasising about their own pho shop. It’s always been very personal, all about the food and the ambiance. More about produce and quality not so much about the colour of your Range Rover!

Our year is punctuated by the seasons, spring garlic, cicely summer freshness, autumn mushrooms and winter game. We are hugely privileged in Scotland to have access to such prefect produce.

The Chip is 42 years old and a Scottish institution, Hanoi is 6 months old and great fun. It is a wonderful challenge trying to keep the restaurants moving forward!


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