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Addressing Climate Change through Slow Food

Climate change is no new news, but in light of an announcement that the US would withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, I thought it most pertinent to write about how good, clean, and fair food contributes to reducing our footprint on the planet. So, here are a few simple ways that you can make it your own personal philosophy:

  1. Shop seasonally, shop locally. Now that it’s summer, you have access to an incredible variety of fruits and veg, even in the UK. Instead of reaching for those peaches grown in Spain, grab the juicy raspberries harvested in Berkshire. Or, take a walk to your local farmer’s market in order to buy all of the goodies for your weekend barbeque. You’re reducing your food miles and therefore, CO2 emissions, while also maximizing flavor.
  2. Grow your own or participate in a community garden. If you have a garden or even a windowsill, you can grow anything from mushrooms to herbs. Or, if you’d like to do it alongside friends and meet other food loving folks, join a local allotment or community garden.
  3. Compost your organic waste. Rather than throwing out the outer layers of onion or carrot tops, compost! You can start your own or inquire about a local garden waste service so that your unused scraps don’t go to a landfill, reducing methane production. Often, you can pay a nominal fee for your bin to be picked up.
  4. Be mindful of the menu. We all love to try new restaurants and food markets, especially during the summertime. So while you’re sipping on a Pimm’s and browsing the menu, inquire about a few of the ingredients and their source. You might be surprised about what you find.
  5. Throw a disco soup! If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve participated in a disco soup or have atleast heard of it. Disco soup is a chance to share food that would have been wasted with hungry bellies. And after the feast, be sure that you get on the dance floor and disco!Taylor Pate

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