Concessionary Membership

Please consider paying by direct debit, it significantly reduces our costs meaning more money can be spent on our education projects.

You are free to cancel your direct debit at any time, and are covered by your bank’s direct debit guarantee. Direct debits set up on and up to the 12th of the month will be debited on the 28th of the same month. Direct debits set up after the 13th of the month will start the 28th of the month after.


Don’t have a local group listed near you? Then select Virtual Group for the same benefits. Looking to buy membership as a gift? Click here

Concession membership is open to anyone who has a very low or no income, such as anyone in receipt of universal credit or pension benefit credits


By selecting your country you will also be informed of Slow Food activities & campaigns in this specific country, while two thirds of your membership fee will directly go towards supporting Slow Food in this region.

By selecting a local group you will be informed of its local activities, while a third of your membership fee will directly go towards supporting its local activities.