What is Slow Food?

What is Slow Food?
What is Slow Food?
What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organisation with supporters in over 150 countries around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment.

Slow Food was initially founded by Carlo Petrini and a group of activists in Italy during the 1980s with the aim of defending regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life. In over two decades of history, the movement has evolved to embrace a comprehensive approach to food that recognizes the strong connections between plate, planet, people, politics and culture.

In the decades since its beginning, Slow Food has grown into a global movement involving millions of people, in over 150 countries.

We aim to reinvigorate people’s interest in the food they eat, where it comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us. Recognising the importance of our local food traditions and the years of accrued knowledge and culture that accompanies this, Slow Food promotes true enjoyment of good food, and food production systems that provide good, clean and fair food for everyone.

Slow Food inspires change internationally through a variety of programmes, including:

  • Saving endangered foods and defending gastronomic traditions through our biodiversity projects;
  • Teaching the pleasure of food and how to make good, clean and fair choices through food and taste education;
  • Celebrations of the gastronomic traditions of the world, artisanal cheese and fish, and meetings of our worldwide networks in our international events;
  • From animal welfare to land grabbing, addressing hot topics that we care about;
  • Connecting young people passionate about changing the food system through the Slow Food Youth Network;
  • Countless activities organized daily by Slow Food members in our convivia (local groups);
  • Linking food producers, chefs, academics and representatives of local communities worldwide in the Terra Madre network;


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