International Programmes

Today, we have over 100,000 members joined in local groups worldwide, as well as a network of 2,000 food communities who practice small-scale and sustainable production of quality foods

Find out more about the international movement on the Slow Food International website.


Terra Madre

Terra Madre is an international network of over 7,000 food producers, cooks, and university educators. Every four years, network delegates come together to discuss global food sustainability issues. Visit Site.


Salone Ge GustoSalone del Gusto

In October of every even-numbered year small-scale food producers from all over the world come to Turin, Italy to showcase their products to more than 150,000 people. Visitors taste presidia products and cuisines from nearly every continent and participate in taste workshops. Visit Site.


University of Gastronomic Sciences

UNISG was founded in 2004 to bring academic strength to the field of food studies and create a new definition of gastronomy. Four programs combine humanities, science, and sensory training for a multi-experiential understanding of food production. Visit Site.



Foundation for Biodiversity

The Foundation works in over 50 countries and involves over 10,000 small-scale food producers, promoting environmentally and culturally sustainable agriculture. The Foundation runs projects around the world in support of Terra Madre communities: the Ark of Taste, the Chef Alliance, Presidia, the Earth Markets, 10,000 Gardens in Africa, and Narrative Labels. Visit Site.


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