Forgotten Foods programme

Forgotten Foods programme
Forgotten Foods programme Colchester Native Oysters
Forgotten Foods programme Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs
Forgotten Foods programme South Down Sheep
Forgotten Foods programme Manx Loaghtan Lamb
Forgotten Foods programme Formby Asparagus

The Forgotten Foods programme 

The Forgotten Foods programme (UK Ark of Taste) travels the country collecting small-scale quality produce threatened by industrial agriculture, environmental degradation and homogenization. These products are often at risk of extinction! We raise awareness so that they may be rediscovered and returned to the market. The programme is part of Slow Food’s global Ark of Taste  which aims to preserve edible biodiversity around the world.

Why the Forgotten Foods programme exists

Fast life, intensive production methods and excessive legislation are the main reasons that we are losing so many of our traditional foods and drinks. With their demise we also lose centuries of expert knowledge and cultural traditions. We lose choice, flavour and the varied landscape and wildlife associated with traditional farming. In short, we lose biodiversity.

Those artisan producers who opt to swim against the tide of ‘fast life’ need our help in explaining to the public why their products are special and, usually, cost more to make than mass-produced counterparts.

As it is often easier to find food from half way across the world than produced on our doorstep, we have lost the link between our food, the land, and the people who produce it. However, growing awareness of the environmental implications of this has led to a renewed interest in our own food culture, and a fascinating journey of discovery awaits us as we re-learn to connect with the soil.

Slow Food UK has seen tangible results for the small-scale producers working with us to revive these foods and retain and sustain local jobs surrounding these economies. By preserving these food, creating a market and retaining them as part of the landscape, our long term objective is preserving Britain’s edible biodiversity, and with this, its food security.

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Slow Food is currently helping to preserve 1532 products.

72 are part of the UK Forgotten Foods project.