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Slow Food International

Slow Food UK is part of an international movement founded in Bra, Italy. With over 100,000 members in 150 countries, Slow Food brings together the enjoyment of food with a responsibility for its production and preparation.

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International Slow Food Organisations

Slow Food is represented in 150 countries globally, some of the bigger networks are listed below. For a full list see Slow Food International.

Slow Food UK is the third-largest outlet of offices of Slow Food running educational programmes. Slow Food USA, based in Brooklyn, NY, also runs significant programmes.


Cittaslow is an international network of over 140 towns in 20 countries across the world that have adopted a common set of principles to support local businesses, foster local traditions, protect the environment, welcome visitors, and encourage active participation in community life. Every Cittaslow town strives to have a local Slow Food group that residents can join to take part in positively impacting their local area.

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University of Gastronomic Sciences

The University of Gastronomic Sciences was founded in 2004 by the international non-profit organisation, Slow Food. Its goal is to create an international research and education centre for those working on renewing farming methods, protecting biodiversity, and building an organic relationship between food and agricultural science.

Find out more about the university, its degree programmes, and what it means to be a ‘gastronome’ at the UNISG website.


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