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What are the benefits of becoming a  Slow Food member?

  • Become part of a vibrant international community of people who believe in the Slow Food values of good, clean and fair food for everyone, and add your voice to the growing movement which is fighting to protect our local food heritage and culture.
  • Join your local group and start spreading the message in your own community. Our active local groups organise a wide range of activities and campaigns which you can get involved with, from talks, tastings and producer visits, to educational programmes and restaurant outings. Your local group is a fantastic way to connect with a network of like-minded people.
  • You will receive our national bi-monthly newsletter, so you can stay up to date with events happening across the country. The international newsletter will also come to your mailbox each month.
  • You will receive online access to the annual Slow Food Almanac. The Yearbook portrays the international projects and activities of the Slow Food movement.
  • Your membership card will entitle you to member discounts on local and national events such as Slow Food Week.
  • Each new/renewing member receives a ‘snail pin’ which we hope you’ll wear with pride.